What is an API?

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API infrastructures have their role in the app development industry and that’s something that you can always count on is that every day new platforms come out and developers like a way to be able to link into those systems to make them more powerful, maybe even starting up a niche of their own based off of a SaaS (Software As A Service) platform.

What is an API?

Think of an API as its own server in a sense, It provides an easy way to access the data that’s stored in your database. The data can be returned in JSON, XML, or even HTML. An API should return with status code, the correct data that’s needed to be based upon your API callback. Check out our short simple answer below.

Application Programming Interface aka API acts as a software to software interface enabling apps to interact without any user knowledge or intervention.

Why would you need an API?

Let’s say you have this great online clothing platform that allows people to sell their used clothing and you’d like to create an iOS mobile application, well connecting to your database directly is insecure and you need a secure way to retrieve the data from the database to power the mobile app. That’s where an API would come into the picture.

You need an API to have a secure way to retrieve the data from the database and bring it back in a formatted structured data file such as: JSONXML or even HTML.

How a API can help you

An API can help you in many different ways, whether it be that you are starting up an invoicing company and need a way to allow developers to extend onto your platform, or maybe you have an out of this world chat app that you want to allow people on mobile devices to use. API’s can you help you by allowing development time to speed up when programming the front-end user interference to your application.