Nexcess Web Hosting Partnership

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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Nexcess to provide managed WordPress website hosting to our web solutions for our customers. Let’s dive into why we chose Nexcess as our preferred partner for managed WordPress hosting.

Why Nexcess and Who Are They?

Great Question! Nexcess is a Liquid Web brand. They provide managed application hosting for platforms such as Magento and WordPress. With over 18 years of experience in the hosting industry, you know that your website will be handled securely. Hosting over 45,000 websites and growing every day with a 99.9% uptime offering.

What Nexcess Hosting Can Do For You

Nexcess is a game-changer when it comes to managed web hosting. You may be looking for a robust, secure platform to home your website. Nexcess is that platform. Let’s explain why.

Single Click Staging Creation and Production Deployment

When needing to make changes to your website it’s important to not make changes on your production website until you are ready for them to be seen by the public. Staging environments allow you to make changes to your website without the public seeing them until you are ready. Single click staging creation and production deployment is a feature every website owner needs.

Security From Being Attacked

Malware, attacks, and bots are something that happens daily. Nexcess has security profile measures in place to prevent these types of attacks from happening on their servers. When finding a home for your website you want to make sure you will be secured from attacks.

Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

Websites are not much good unless you have a domain name for people to view your website. Nexcess offers domain name registration. SSL Certificates help provide a secure connection between your website and the public. Keeping the connection secure through the whole time of browsing your website is important as it’s a trust signal.

Partnership Goals

Our partnership goals with Nexcess is to provide outstanding web hosting services to our customers that meet the same quality of services that we provide. This partnership allows us to keep making a full turn with our services.

Want to learn more about Nexcess? Check them out!