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Introducing Bluedot Innovation Location Services

Introducing Bluedot Innovation Location Services

What is Bluedot Innovation Location Services?

Bluedot Innovation location services lets you connect with customers like never before. This cutting edge technology when added to your mobile app allows you to deliver creative content and collect valuable analytics to help your business grow. Bluedot allows mobile apps to trigger any action (message, video, open a website) when users walk or drive though a precise location in the world set by you.

If you love tech talk you can watch a more in-depth video on YouTube.

That’s cool, but why does my business need it?

Let us give you some examples of how this system can be used

Example number 1 is a restaurant. They want to build a mobile app to provide information, menus and more for their customers. They know that there competitors offer this service and they want to stay up to date with technology. With Bluedot’s cutting edge technology they can do much more than a simple restaurant app. They can actually start a conversation with their customers. For example there is a subway station 5 mins walk from the restaurant. With Bluedot Innovation you can set up a Geofence at the exit to this station. Then every time someone with your new app walks through this virtual GPS fence there Phone will buzz and show a message you have designed such as 10% your meal today.

With Bluedot it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. If you want to set up If This Then That rules you can do this as well. Such as If it is hot outside then send the Ice Coffee advert if it is Cold outside send the Hot Chocolate advert.

Example number 2 is a Smart City. This is a big example but these things can always be scaled down. A Smart City is a city that has created a mobile application and then using the Bluedot technology has Geofenced all the points of interest around there city with information, videos and more. Smart tours can be set up to let visitors explore a city or location. This can also apply to Real World Gaming where real world locations become elements of a game.

As you can see Bluedot have a lot of potential uses. We are very excited here at Invoate to start using this technology and have already started planning some in-house projects we hope to talk about soon that will be utilizing this technology.

Bluedot Innovation Location Services for Any Industry

  • Mobile Marketing and Commerce
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Property and Real Estate
  • Points of Interest and Smart Cities
  • Vehicles and Transport
  • Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels
  • Retail
  • Event Management
  • Real World Gaming
  • Theme Parks
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Many More

If you are as excited about this new cutting edge technology as we are here at Fullturn Web Solutions why not get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can change the world with your new mobile app.