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Professional Formulas makes professional, clinically proven supplements and homeopathic remedies you won’t find anywhere else.

Professional Formulas partnered with us to customize the WooCommerce Point of Sale Plugin. The POS solution out of the box did not fit their sales agent’s internal needs for phone and online orders.

  • Pricing Deals Rules Integration
  • Map “Attn” Field to ShipStation Custom Field 1
  • Load Saved Credit Card From Picked Customer
  • Validate Shipping Address For Picked Customer
  • Load Shipping Options, Rate Calculated By Cart Amount
  • Customer orders products that can include back-ordered products and in-stock products
  • When payment is submitted, we are using CIM to only authorize (and not capture) their credit card
  • Once the order has been submitted, we’d like it to automatically split the order based on whether items are back-ordered. Then our team can continue to process the order as normal if it is for in-stock items and we can deal with back-ordered orders later.
  • For back-ordered orders, would want it to then have a custom order status that indicates it’s for back-ordered items. We have a custom order status plugin installed.
  • For the in-stock order, we need to preserve the CIM function that allows us to capture payments later.
  • We are using ShipStation to manage shipping and Finale Inventory to manage inventory.